Retail Flooring


Long-lasting and
Well-defined Retail flooring

Retail flooring is unique because it demands a great design and flexible layout choices that provide high endurance to hold up to heavy footfall traffic and persistent comfort to allow customers to shop in comfort.


Design & Style

Design combinations for retail flooring differ, from wood designs to a more contemporary floor tile look, finished with light or dark tones and various colour options.


Flooring Durability

Retail flooring gets continued use, particularly in supermarkets, department stores, and shopping centres where a high quantity of foot traffic can cause significant strain and stress. Those enterprising environments demand durable vinyl flooring able to withstand the unique needs of any retail environment.


Floor Maintenance

When caring for retail flooring, it should be immaculate and straightforward to clean. Vinyl flooring should not only complement the cleanliness of its surrounding retail environment but should be strong enough to prevent splitting, fracturing or other unwanted marks.
And rather than needing to be professionally cleaned every night, vinyl flooring requires minimal cleaning and maintenance.


Lasting Value

Less costly than most hardwood, tile or ceramic choices, BHI luxury vinyl provides retail flooring that is long-lasting, adding long term value for retail businesses.


We only use the best

BHI only use the UK's leading floor manufacturers products to provide you with the best at an outstanding value.

Our installations are easy to maintain and fitted to your specific needs by our flooring team.